1979 (2014)

1979 features large-scale, complexly layered photographic works that draw from intense periods of research and collection in Lima, Peru. The focus is on my own intimate relationship to the turbulent history of the city. With increasing violence and instability in Peru’s provinces, Lima’s population swelled and was transformed by a massive influx of rural migrants from the highlands and eastern jungles; my birth mother was among them, one of many young women uprooted during that tectonic demographic shift. That’s almost all I know about her. Like her peers, she was vulnerable in a city that was a violent, dangerous place. 1979 was a year that created orphans.

In this series I use re-photography of archival materials – specifically pornographic and political magazines from the year I was born–  in an effort to retrace, reclaim and reinvent something like a psychic history of that difficult year, and, locate myself within it. The results are not archival so much as counter-archival, a fractured atlas of collage, high-keyed abstraction, found light and broken glass.