LIMA, PERU 1979 PROJECTS | 2013 – 2020
Since 2013, I have worked on a series of photographic projects that open a dialogue between the revolutionary context of Lima, Peru in 1979 and my own fractured roots there as an orphan born that year. 1979 was a time of turbulent changes in Peru’s capital, a transitional period between the military dictatorship of the 70s and the onset of the Shining Path’s guerilla war in 1980. When I started these projects, I set out not to recover some stable, “authentic” identity hidden by the circumstances of my birth and adoption, but rather to pull together archival materials, found photographs, untold narratives, and images in an effort to reclaim, and invent something like a psychic history of that year, and locate myself within it. Using a combination of fieldwork, archival research/collection, performance, writing, and re-photography these recent works speak to a wide range of issues, from the use of archives to reclaim and invent histories, to the problematics of representing trauma and violence.