Dark Messengers
DARK MESSENGERS after César Vallejo’s Los Heraldos Negros
Portfolio Edition (2017).

Housed in a black archival portfolio box is a collection of 36 silver gelatin prints meant to be viewed by one person at a time. Photographed over a period of 5 years (and ongoing) in the American West, Southwest, and South America– this collection of photographs alternates between the documentation of pre-Columbian ruins of the Americas, contemporary Andean street photography, and staged photographs of anonymous white hands holding empty objects. The series is a meditation on erased histories, failed modernisms, and the role of documentary or archeological photography in recording and preserving culture. I am intentionally using modern photographic tropes, tools, and processes including 35mm black and white film, a fully manual Leica camera, shooting only in available light.  Every print is carefully hand printed by me in my darkroom.